Carefully selected for quality and freshness, 100% natural and raw dates contain no additives, preservatives or GMO’s and are allergen free.

Whole or pitted, you can choose from a range of the best and tastiest dates available:
• Sayer (Sair) dates – excellent for retail packs, chopped dates and date paste, Sweet, dark brown colour.
• Piarom – these organic dates are longer than others, dark brown in colour and very high quality.
• Rabbi – Elongated, dark purple/black and shiny, very tasty variety.
• Mazafati – sweet and delicious, dark purple/black. Very moist and fleshy.
• Zahedi – a lighter coloured date with a hard, shiny appearance.
• Kabkab – bigger than other dates with a dark red to browny-black colour with small pit.

Second grade dates for industrial applicationsare also available.

Store in 18 -22°C. Shelf life 18 months. Keep out of direct sunlight.
Available in packs of: 250g 500g 1Kg 5Kg 10Kg 15Kg
Private label: available
Certificates: ISO, HALAL, ORGANIC, Non-GMO, INS

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