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دسته بندی: Iranian Specialties.

Purple-flowered saffron is a wonderful plant to which nature has given a fascinating fragrance, a beautiful color, and a host of other qualities. Believed to have been originally native to the Mediterranean area, Asia Minor, and Iran, the saffron crocus has long been cultivated in Iran and was taken from this country a number of other parts of the world as a result of trade after its high quality and distinctive properties were understood over centuries of its application.

Iran has managed to achieve an excellent position on the production and export of saffron over the years and has accounted for around 90 percent of recent annual world production and thereby dominates the export market on a by-quantity basis; Moreover, Iran is well known for the best quality of saffron.

Saffron has many usages because of natural coloring, aroma, taste, and different chemical substance that could be seen in nutrition facts therefore nowadays it is an essential component of many ingredients and formulas such as:

Food and Beverages
Medicinal & Pharmaceutical
IRALIA supplies both bulk and packed saffron. Packs are available in: 1gr – 2gr- 3gr- 5gr- 10gr- 25gr- 100gr- 500gr- 1KG- 5kg Harvest time: Sep-Oct Shelf life: 24-36 months depends on packaging method.