Fruit Concentrate and Puree

During harvest period, customized product with required specification can be ordered. Preservation: aseptic and frozen. Haven’t found what you were looking for? Contact us and we will work with you to develop the best product. Fruit Concentrates Apple Sour Cherry Grape Pomegranate Peach Apricot Lemon and Lime Apple Juice Concentrate (AJC) Specification Natural Brix 70±2 […]

Healthy Sweets

Dates There are several varieties of Dates are cultivated in Iran, because of their tastes and shapes, compose the major kinds. Some of the important types of Dates are listed as: Mazafati (Rotab)* Sayer Zahedi Piarom Shahani Kabkab *In the type of the Mazafati, is willing to pick it in “Fresh Date” stage; because of […]

Delightful Raisins

Golden Raisins This kind is oven-dried and then sulfur is added to preserve its color. Sultana Raisins (Malayeri) This kind is brown and is the most popular variety. Dark raisins (Sun-Dried Thompson) This kind is prepared by drying the fruit in full sun and results in a dark color. Green or Yellow Raisins (Kashmari) Green […]

Delicious Nuts

Ask for highest quality of Iranian Pistachio Iranian NUTS have a large variety and the most important of them is Pistachio. Pistachios have different names according to their shapes, taste and sizes. Iralia prepare and importe the pistachios in 4 ways: Roasted and Salted and mix with Saffron Roasted and Salted Just Roasted but Un-salted […]

Marinated Olive

Olive, Pomegranate, Walnut, Herbs Marinated Olive An authentic recipe from Persian culture, traditionally named “Zeytoon Parvadeh” with more than 500 years old. The delicious, healthy and notorious appetizer and deep to be served with meat as well as seasoning salads and veggie dishes. Ingredient: Olive, Pomegranate paste, walnut, dates syrup, crushed garlic, aromatic spices and […]

Golden Saffron

Purple-flowered saffron is a wonderful plant to which nature has given a fascinating fragrance, a beautiful color, and a host of other qualities. Believed to have been originally native to the Mediterranean area, Asia Minor, and Iran, the saffron crocus has long been cultivated in Iran and was taken from this country a number of […]