You can’t go past our quality selection of raisins for freshness, taste and variety. Excellent for cooking, baking or brewing. High in nutrition and big on flavour.

All our top qualityraisins are washed, sorted and packed with our fully automatedequipment that features state of the art detectors to detect any foreign obstacles like metal, bark or sand.

we stock the best varieties available:
Sultana – superior quality, dark in colour with the superb flavour.


Dark Sultana



Golden raisins – flame dried and produced from Iranian Thompson seedless grapes for maximum flavour.


Golden raisins

Green Kashmar – these long green, flavoursome raisins are produced from a special Iranian grape grown in Kashmar.
Golden Kashmar – long in appearance, fine in quality with many health-giving benefits, Shadow dried, double washed.

Golden Kashmar

Golden Kashmar

Raising are classified according to type, size and colour.
Available in packs of: 250g 500g1Kg 5Kg10Kg 15Kg
Private label : available
Certificates: ISO, HALAL, ORGANIC, Non-GMO, INS


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